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Ship Fast boilerplate logo

Ship Fast

The NextJS boilerplate with all you need to build your SaaS, AI tool, or any other web app. From idea to production in 5 minutes.


πŸ€‘ Unlimited Projects 79$ otp, Unlimited Projects 99$ otp
Gravity boilerplate logo


Spin up a new SaaS product in 5 minutes with the leading Node.js SaaS boilerplate. Contains all features you need in a single install, even AI.


πŸ€‘ Unlimited Projects 537$ otp
Bedrock boilerplate logo


The modern full-stack Next.js & GraphQL boilerplate with user authentication, subscription payments, teams, invitations, emails and everything else you need


πŸ€‘ Unlimited Projects 396$ otp
Larakits boilerplate logo


Larakits is the perfect starting point for your next Laravel app. Skip the boilerplate setup and build your app faster. It will save your weeks of effort and give you time to make your app unique.


πŸ€‘ Single Project 99$ otp, Unlimited Projects 299$ otp
SaaS Pegasus boilerplate logo

SaaS Pegasus

You want to get your project off the ground, but you're stuck on all the boring parts. Pegasus handles the foundation of your application for you. Get a head start and launch faster than you dreamed possible.


πŸ€‘ Single Project 249$ otp, Single Project 449$ otp, Unlimited Projects 999$ otp
Tenancy for Laravel boilerplate logo

Tenancy for Laravel

An application skeleton on top of which you can build your multi-tenant SaaS.


πŸ€‘ Unlimited Projects 199$ otp, Unlimited Projects 379$ otp
ABP Commercial boilerplate logo

ABP Commercial

Pre-built application modules, advanced startup templates, rapid application development tooling, professional UI themes and premium support.


πŸ€‘ Unlimited Projects 2999$ otp
Adonis Pace boilerplate logo

Adonis Pace

Pace provides everything you need in a SaaS application, so you can save months of development time and instead focus on your idea.


πŸ€‘ Unlimited Projects 199$ otp
NextBase boilerplate logo


NextBase is a powerful, production-ready Next.js 13+ & Supabase boilerplate for professional developers.


πŸ€‘ Unlimited Projects 297$ otp, Unlimited Projects 647$ otp, Unlimited Projects 947$ otp