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React Core Boilerplate logo

React Core Boilerplate

Powerful ASP.NET Core 3 templates with React, true server-side rendering and Docker support


🔗 github.com
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Larakits boilerplate logo


Larakits is the perfect starting point for your next Laravel app. Skip the boilerplate setup and build your app faster. It will save your weeks of effort and give you time to make your app unique.


🔗 larakits.com
🤑 Single Project 99$ otp, Unlimited Projects 299$ otp
Miracuthbert SaaS Boilerplate logo

Miracuthbert SaaS Boilerplate

This is a SaaS boilerplate built on top of the Laravel framework. Built to provide developers with a template to kickoff their SaaS application, without the hustle for repetitive tasks such as user account setup, subscriptions and role management.


🔗 github.com
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Turbojet boilerplate logo


A pre-built jet engine for your next SaaS project. Turbojet is a lean server-side rendered web app that uses Hotwire principles. Turbojet has a clean project architecture. It's based on best practices and years of experience.


🔗 www.turbojet.co
🤑 Single Project 390$ otp, Unlimited Projects 780$ otp
SaaS Pegasus boilerplate logo

SaaS Pegasus

You want to get your project off the ground, but you're stuck on all the boring parts. Pegasus handles the foundation of your application for you. Get a head start and launch faster than you dreamed possible.


🔗 www.saaspegasus.com
🤑 Single Project 249$ otp, Single Project 449$ otp, Unlimited Projects 999$ otp
SaaS Forge boilerplate logo

SaaS Forge

Create your next SaaS application with the Python/React boilerplate and save time and money. Start for free.


🔗 www.saasforge.dev
🤑 Free plan available, Unlimited Projects 239$ otp
Sneat – ASP.NET Core Admin Template boilerplate logo

Sneat – ASP.NET Core Admin Template

Most Powerful & Comprehensive Asp.NET Core Admin Dashboard Template built for developers!


🔗 themeselection.com
🤑 Single Project 299$ otp, Unlimited Projects 499$ otp
Flask Pixel PRO  boilerplate logo

Flask Pixel PRO

Flask project crafted on top of Pixel Bootstrap 5, a premium design from Themesberg. The product is designed to deliver the best possible user experience with highly customizable feature-rich pages.


🔗 appseed.us
🤑 Single Project 89$ otp, Unlimited Projects 299$ otp
Corsego boilerplate logo


This is a Ruby on Rails Multitenancy Software as a Service boilerplate app. Imagine having different secure organisations in Slack, or different team projects in Trello.


🔗 saas.corsego.com
🤑 Unlimited Projects 90$ otp
Bootstrap Boilerplate by Lewagon logo

Bootstrap Boilerplate by Lewagon

A nice Bootstrap HTML boilerplate using official Bootstrap CDN to start coding right away!


🔗 github.com
🤑 Free plan available
ASP.NET Zero boilerplate logo


ASP.NET Zero is a starting point for new web applications with a modern UI and SOLID architecture, with full source code.


🔗 aspnetzero.com
🤑 Single Project 2999$ otp, Single Project 4999$ otp, Single Project 9999$ otp