Phoenix Boilerplates & Starter Kits

Phoenix is a web framework written in Elixir that is built on functional programming principles. It follows the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern and is known for its speed and real-time capabilities. Phoenix is commonly used for building highly scalable and fault-tolerant web applications.

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Petal Framework

👨🏻‍💻 by Everfree Pty Ltd. Paid
Tools to help you rapidly build Phoenix web applications without worrying about design or reinventing the wheel.


👨🏻‍💻 by Fullstack Phoenix Paid
Batteries included! The SAAS starter kit aims to provide you with everything you need to get started building your SAAS in Elixir, Phoenix and LiveView.

Fullstack Phoenix SAAS Starter Kit

👨🏻‍💻 by Fullstack Phoenix Paid
SAAS Starter Kit1.7 for PhoenixJS

Graphql Rails Blog

👨🏻‍💻 by MatthieuSegret Free
Blog App built with Rails 5, React and GraphQL

Yummy Phoenix Graphql

👨🏻‍💻 by MatthieuSegret Free
Cooking recipe sharing app built with Phoenix, React, GraphQL and Kubernetes


👨🏻‍💻 by Reflexjs Free
A library for rapid UI development with style props, color modes, themes and variants + starter kits, themes and blocks to help you build Gatsby and Next.js sites faster.

Ts Liveview

👨🏻‍💻 by Beenotung Free
Build hybrid SSG and SSR realtime SPA/MPA with Typescript

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