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Vue3 Antdv Admin

👨🏻‍💻 by Buqiyuan Free
基于 vite5.x + vue3.x + ant-design-vue4.x + typescript hooks 的基础后台管理系统 RBAC的权限系统, JSON Schema动态表单,动态表格,锁屏界面


👨🏻‍💻 by Micromata Free
Unmaintained – :construction_worker: The aim of this project is to help you to build your things. From Bootstrap themes over static websites to single page applications.

Apollo Universal Starter Kit

👨🏻‍💻 by Sysgears Free
Apollo Universal Starter Kit is a SEO-friendly, fully-configured, modular starter application that helps developers to streamline web, server, and mobile development with cutting-edge technologies and ultimate code reuse.

Webpack Starter Pug Sass Es6 Jquery

👨🏻‍💻 by SoldierCorp Free
Webpack 5 starter that supports Pug, SASS, ES6 ES7 ES8 ES9 ES10 ES11 ES12, VanillaJS/jQuery... (without framework) and generate URLs without the .html extension.

Vue Typescript Dpapp Demo

👨🏻‍💻 by SimonZhangITer Free
:fire: Let's start with TypeScript

Universal Native Boilerplate

👨🏻‍💻 by C H Free
Build apps for every native platform with React and React Native

Webpack5 Max

👨🏻‍💻 by Harryheman Free
Webpack 5 Boilerplate for JS/React/TS apps.

Great Big Example Application

👨🏻‍💻 by Dancancro Free
A full-stack example app built with JHipster, Spring Boot, Kotlin, Angular 4, ngrx, and Webpack


👨🏻‍💻 by Slikts Free
🧰 (Not currently) up-to-date list of JavaScript and TypeScript tooling resources

Awesome Jsgames

👨🏻‍💻 by Proyecto26 Free
A curated list of awesome JavaScript Games 🎮

React Redux Graphql Apollo Bootstrap Webpack Starter

👨🏻‍💻 by MacKentoch Free
react js + redux + graphQL + Apollo + react router + hot reload + devTools + bootstrap + webpack starter
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